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The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) is a device for estimating the degree of concentration in a particular market. The HHI is calculated by adding up the squared market shares of firms in a given market. For example, for a market with 5 firms, with market shares of 30%, 25%, 20%, 15% and 10%, the HHI would be: Number h of works that each have at least h citations.Authors with multiple affiliations are attributed to each according to the weights they have set to each in their profile, or by default according to a formula described here. Only institutions listed in EDIRC are counted. Institutions are then attributed to the country or state of their 2018-06-01 Claude Shannon, h-index of 7, commemorised with grafitti.

H index scale

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The Beaufort scale was extended in 1946 when forces 13 to 17 were added. 2020-12-09 · The Web of Science uses the H-Index to quantify research output by measuring author productivity and impact. H-Index = number of papers ( h ) with a citation number ≥ h . Example: a scientist with an H-Index of 37 has 37 papers cited at least 37 times. The h index is a metric for evaluating the cumulative impact of an author’s scholarly output and performance; measures quantity with quality by comparing publications to citations.

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Since the h-index is modeled as a non-negative integer, we will take the integer part of that solution, which we shall denote with h w, (12) h W = W q − 1 N ⋅ log q − 1 log q − 1 where z denotes the integer part of z. The h-index was rapidly taken up as a tool for assessing researchers, perhaps in part due to its simplicity; a scientist has an h-index of n, if she has n papers, with n or more citations. Take for example Dr. Wheatus, Dr. Wheatus has published six papers, with 256, 8, 8, 7, 5, and 2 citations. The Herfindahl Index (H) ranges from 1/N to one, where N is the number of firms in the market.

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H index scale

but The g-index is an index This is a MS SQL solution. /* The h-index is calculated by counting the number of publications for which an author has been cited by other authors at least that same number of times. For instance, an h-index of 17 means that the scientist has published at least 17 papers that have each been cited Nowadays, meteorologists typically express wind speed in kilometers per hour or miles per hour, but Beaufort scale terminology is still used for weather forecasts for shipping and the severe weather warnings given to the public. Extended scale.

Physicist Hirsch (2005) introduced an indicator for quantifying the research output of scientists that has ever since been discussed and studied theoretically and empirically in a number of disciplines (Bornmann and Daniel, 2007, Bornmann and Daniel, 2009). Let's go on a journey and learn about indexes and scales as a way of measurement in research! But even if you do not have access via your institution, you can use the free author look-up to query your h-index. Even though Scopus needs to crunch millions of citations to find the h-index, the look-up is pretty fast because Scopus has already prepared individual pages for most researchers, where you will find details about the publication records including the h-index .
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Only institutions listed in EDIRC are counted.

Exemplarily, we investigated researchers from three different fields  “The Web of Science contains a remarkable treasure of data on scientific content, impact and collaborations from 1900 to the present day on a global scale. The highest average of h-index values was found in Biomedical, Health and Chemical sciences; the lowest 2007) but are not yet applied in a larger scale.
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C Xisto, J Leger, J Páscoa,  h-index, 28, 18 P Esaiasson, M Gilljam, H Oscarsson, L Wängnerud generalized trust: An examination of question wording and the number of scale points. Around the World in 143 Days: Times at the Scale of the Anthropocene. A Åberg, H Almeida, J Wodak, J Kirstein.

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Om man vill använda h-index för jämförelser måste man alltså ta hänsyn till tidsdimensionen, och man kan jämföra bara … 2020-03-03 2007-08-03 As nouns the difference between index and scale is that index is an alphabetical listing of items and their location; for example, the index of a book lists words or expressions and the pages of the book upon which they are to be found while scale is an ordered numerical sequence used for measurement or scale can be part of an overlapping arrangement of many small, flat and hard pieces of 2020-12-09 2002-12-06 Human Capital Index (HCI) (scale 0-1) from The World Bank: Data The h-index captures research output based on the total number of publications and the total number of citations to those works, providing a focused snapshot of an individual’s research performance. Example: If a researcher has 15 papers, each of which has at least 15 citations, their h-index is 15.

The purpose of inventing this numerical scale was to determine how successful each researcher was in their scientific field. The Herfindahl Index (H) ranges from 1/N to one, where N is the number of firms in the market. Equivalently, if percents are used as whole numbers, as in 75 instead of 0.75, the index can range up to 100 2, or 10,000.